Welcome to ECSCW 2015!

In 2015 the European conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work – ECSCW – will be held September 19-23 in Oslo, Norway. ECSCW is a series of international conferences on computer-supported cooperative work located in Europe. The conference series is affiliated with the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET).

CSCW focuses on enhancing our understanding of the practices of cooperative work aiming to explore and design technological support. The ECSCW conference is an important venue for defining and further develop the agenda of CSCW research. ECSCW addresses themes like:

  • human practice in work and other activities: how can we understand W?
  • cooperation and its characteristics (e.g. the role of awareness): how can we understand CW?
  • methods for investigating human practices: the role of ethnography in CSCW
  • digital and other material artefacts in cooperative work: how can we understand CS?
  • design of CSCW: challenges and explorations

The ECSCW conferences are single-track conferences that contribute to developing an interdisciplinary ECSCW community. The conference format aims to facilitate critical discussion across disciplinary and national borders in the field.

ECSCW will offer multiple ways of contributing and discussing research, including full papers, exploratory (short) papers, demos and videos in addition to workshops and master classes. We invite you to submit your research in one or more categories (see important dates in the right column). The acceptance rate for papers has normally been between 20 and 25%. The proceedings are published by Springer Verlag. An overview of earlier ECSCW conferences (and proceedings) are available from ecscw.org. See also CSCW: The Journal of collaborative Computing and Work Practices.

The ECSCW conference is sponsored by the ECSCW Foundation. The role of the ECSCW Foundation is to foster research on computer-supported cooperative work in Europe and globally, primarily by safeguarding and facilitating the continuation of the ECSCW conference series.