Workshops and Master Classes

Workshops offer ways to engage in discussions with other researchers in an informal setting. ECSCW 2015 invites workshop proposals addressing basic research questions, new methodologies, innovative technologies, emerging research areas to mention a few. The workshops should involve the attendees in working together on developing new insights avoiding becoming a series of presentations.

Workshops may be half-day or full-day sessions. Accepted workshops will be presented here with a short description of the workshop (workshop title, names and affiliations of organisers, abstract, workshop web site, and position paper submission or other participation requirements).

Five full day workshops will be organised:

2. “Youth Participatory Cultures: a CSCW perspective”

3. “Examining the Essence of the Crowds: Motivations, Roles and Identities”

4. “Experiences of Technology Appropriation: Unanticipated Users, Usage, Circumstances, and Design”

5. “Mixed Methods for Studying Interactions in Networked Environments”

6. “Conflict IT: Technologies and Collaborative Practices in Conflict Areas”

Workshop no. 1: “Ethnography in the Wild: Doing Design Ethnography with Organisations” is cancelled.

Master classes offer a small number of participants the opportunity to learn about specific CSCW concepts, methods and techniques from recognised experts. Master classes may be for half-day or full-day sessions.

Two full day Master Classes will be organised:

1. Kjeld Schmidt: “The CSCW Research Program: Key concepts and methodological issues” (Sunday)

2. Dave Randall: “Design-related Ethnography”

One half-day Master Class will be organised:

3. Ina Wagner: “Analysis” (Saturday morning)

More information about the workshops and Master Classes will be available after mid May.